Ikebana Workshop

with Brooke Pohl

February 3rd—March 4th

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    Room: Off site

    Two somewhat unusual ikebana classes are on the horizon.

    Saturday, February 3: Susana Coto, who is a Qi Gong instructor, and Brooke Pohl will be collaborating.

    This workshop will align one's personal energy and creativity with the Oriental concept of "heaven, earth and human" as an organizing harmonizer. With meditative principles of Qi  Gong and artistic principles of ikebana, we will explore finding personal balance.  We'll use the elements of ikebana to fully engage in our world with non aggression, expressing our heart and mind through flowers.


    Sunday March 4 Brooke Pohl will be offering a Winter Ikebana Challenge - Let Your Container be Your Guide.

    Combine principles of ikebana with your innate creativity to complete a 3 dimensional live floral picture.  Bring a container you never imagined holding flowers (or any you've never known how to use).  Bring several!  Perhaps someone will be inspired to use one of yours.  Are you up for the challenge? I will include a demonstration and instruction to help get your creative juices flowing. 

    Both classes will be at Centered, 309 N Ashland Ave # 180. Call them at 859-721-1841 or go to their website (www.centeredlex.org) under "workshops" to pre register.  Bring floral shears if you can.

    The first workshop is $45, the second is $35. If you sign up for both the March workshop will cost $25. Brooke can be reached at 859-948-2342.