Council Minutes Etc.

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Council Meeting Minutes

(Word .doc format or .pdf)
Minutes Sept. 2015
Minutes April 18, 2016
Minutes Aug. 2016
Minutes Oct. 2016-includes financial
Council minutes May 2017
Council minutes June 2017
Council Meeting Minutes 1-15-18
Council minutes 2-26-18
Council Meeting 3-19-18
Council Meeting minutes April 2018
Council minutes July 2018
Council minutes Sept 2018
Council Meeting Minutes Oct 2018
Council Minutes Nov. 2018
Council Meeting Minutes Dec 2018
Council Minutes Jan 2019
Council Minutes Feb2019 (includes 1-page finance report)
Council Minutes March 2019
Council Minutes April 2019
Council Minutes June 2019

Minutes of other meetings

Finance Committee meeting May, 2016

SMCL Vision Statement (Oct. 2014)
SMCL Vision Official Document approved 10-25-14-

Our paper membership form for mailing (pdf)

Printable list of Shambhala Guides and Meditation Instructors (as of August 2018) (pdf)

Links to slides of images (mp4) from Children’s Day 2015: Low resolution High resolution