Code of Conduct

Our Shambhala community is dedicated to providing a safe, brave, supportive and respectful environment for the practice and study of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings and meditation.

Creating this environment is everyone’s responsibility. This means being aware of one’s own actions of body, speech, and mind. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance in this practice of transparency, accountability, responsibility, inclusivity and consent.

Our Code of Conduct and policies developed from this are based on those developed by Shambhala International

Code of Conduct
PDF copy of Code of Conduct  Code of Conduct – Shambh Ctr of Lexington

POA policy – Shambhala Center of Lexington (pdf)

Oath of Commitment by Persons in Authority POA-Oath of Commitment – Shambh Ctr of Lexington

Link to Shambhala Database version;

Concern card – CARE AND CONCERN CONTACT SHEET – if you prefer to write about a particular incident or concern, we welcome any questions or concerns. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Shambhala International has created a comprehensive website for the Code of Conduct:
Much of the activity updating the Code of Conduct arose from global concerns related to sexual and power structure misconduct. To see a list of communications from Shambhala International and others, visit our sexual misconduct page.