The Gift of Feminine Principle

May 31st (2014)

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The Gift of Feminine Principle: Being the Change in time of Chaos

Feminine Principle invites us to open up the space of our mind by giving up fixed views about who we are as men and women. As our personal and social world gets increasingly turbulent, chaotic and uncertain with environmental and humanitarian crisis of global proportions, feminine principle offers us a gift of open curiosity and seeing and doing things from a fresh perspective.

We will explore how this intangible wisdom principle shows up in teachings of Buddhism and Shambhala and how we can bring that to revitalize our Sangha and practice. There will be guided meditation, playful dialogue, poetic puns and humor about the 'box' of our conditioned habits and views. You are invited to experience the 'Glimpses of Space' out of the box.

Susmita Barua will be leading this program, assisted by Judith Broadus. Mita has been a member since 2007 and has presented papers and workshops in national and international forums, both Buddhist and secular.