Tibetan Book of the Dead for Beginners: Book Group

February 20th

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    Room: Vajrayana Shrine Room

    Tuesdays at 7:00-8:30 pm EST

    January 9-March 19.

    No prerequisites. Free; donations appreciated.

    Explore the profundity and power of The Tibetan Book of Dead in this guided, book-group experience that makes these timeless teachings accessible to all. Topics include karma, rebirth, what gets reborn, influences on our next rebirth, supporting ourselves and loved ones as they approach death, support for loved ones from a distance, the bardos, compassion practices and essential advice and much more

    Participants will use the book The Tibetan Book of the Dead for BeginnersA Guide to Living & Dying by Lama Lhanang Rinpoche and Mordy Levine, to help them develop greater love and compassion for themselves and others as death approaches.  It provides an opportunity to discuss topics such as death and dying in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and context with a Shambhala Buddhist Chaplain who is also an End-of-Life Care expert 


    This is an in-person offering of an online class offered through Shambhala Online. We will combine group meditation with participating in the on-line, live feed, along with local group discussion.

    Breakdown of Group Sessions

    January 9 – Chapter 1: Karma – How We Live is How We Die
    January 16 – Chapter 2: What Dies and What Gets Reborn
    January 23 – Chapter 3: Our Consciousness After Death
    January 30 – Chapter 4: Influencing Our Next Rebirth
    February 6 – Chapter 5: Start Where We are Now
    February 13 – Chapter 6: Supporting Loved Ones as They Approach Death
    February 20 – Chapter 7: Practices as Death Approaches
    February 27 – Chapter 8: Supporting Dying Loved Ones from a Distance
    March 5 – Chapter 9: Supporting Ourselves at End of Life
    March 12 – Chapter 10: The Time Immediately After Death
    March 19 – Chapter 11: Essential Advice for Joyful Living and Peaceful Dying