Making Friends with Yourself Retreat Full Week

with Shastri Shelley Heinz

November 2nd—November 9th

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  • $100.00 Program Price
  • $150.00 Patron Price
Room: Main Meditation Hall

Welcome to “Making Friends with Yourself”, our study material for our local winter Working Weekthun.

A weekthun typically consists of 7 days of sitting/walking/meals, etc. from 7am to 8 or 9pm. A “working weekthun” allows us to keep practice and study as a focus for a week without taking us completely away from typical home/work obligations. It provides a wonderful balance for weaving practice into daily life in a very deliberate way.

In this weeklong retreat, we will use practices, contemplations, readings, discussions and online teachings by Pema Chödrön to learn:

  • How the sense of self or ego evolves and functions, according to Buddhist psychology
  • How to lean into and fully experience the raw emotion of life’s painful situations, rather than avoiding it
  • The practices of shamatha (calm abiding) and open presence, two foundational meditations that allow the mind to stabilize and deepen in integrating this wisdom into your lived experience
  • Practices to help reduce the attachment, emotional reactivity, and suffering that arise from negative habitual patterns

Course lessons will touch on the skandhas, 8 types of consciousness, suffering, 12 nidanas, and bodhichitta—a beautiful introduction to many key teachings or delightful refresher for those who have been studying for a time.

To hear a “welcome to this course” video by Pema Chödrön, click one of the following links to open:

For information about the program, contact Lucia Gilchrist – 859-338-8519, [email protected] or Mary Jo Gatton – 859-552-3207, [email protected]. Pre-registration is required; please click the button below to register.

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