Gallery Hop: Ikebana with Brooke Pohl

May 17th

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    Room: Multi-purpose Room

    The Exhibit Will Be Open From May 17 - 20
    May 17: 5-9pm
    May 18: 10am-4pm
    May 19: 12-4pm
    May 20: 12-4pm

    Ikebana: Inspired by Nature

    Rooted in Japanese tradition, ikebana flower arranging combines the beauty of flowers with one’s creativity to open a path of self-discovery.  “Ike” ”bana” literally means, “living” “flowers” or “giving life to” “a graceful presence which creates atmosphere”. The practice of ikebana allows one to slow down and look at nature.  With an open heart, one can contemplate and connect with the heart or spirit of a flower to affect and let the spirit of one’s creativity flow--- or flower.

    Over time, a practitioner internalizes techniques and skill in working with flowers.  I have noticed that the process of attention to the rules of proper placement  teaches discipline and confidence in execution.  I have also found it fascinating that along this path of trial and error, many aspects of one’s personality can be revealed.  Intimidation, fear, confusion, pride, envy, frustration, impatience, patience, attachment, satisfaction, empathy, appreciation, delight, confidence, and many other emotions can arise.  If one chooses, ikebana can be an awareness practice.  Not only does a practitioner become acutely aware of the material one chooses, how one uses it and where to best place the arranged material, but one’s own state of mind can also be noticed when making an arrangement. 

    Flowers speak, we listen, we awaken, we create. Introspection informs creation. Truth, beauty, and harmony can be found in nature and when understood and revealed in our deeper self, these qualities can be expressed creatively through an arrangement of  living flowers. It is humbling to listen to the wisdom within a flower and gratifying to respond appropriately. 


    About the Artist Brooke Pohl

    Brooke Benn Pohl lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and has studied Sogetsu Ikebana for 25 years with Sensei Noriko Fields in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Brooke has taught workshops and classes throughout North America and created arrangements for the Lexington Symphony, various restaurants and other public and private venues.  She is currently the Deputy Director of the Cincinnati Sogetsu Branch. To work with Brooke, contact her through her website:


    Below is an embedded video of Brooke's last Ikebana Gallery Hop at the Lexington Shambhala Center, January 2015