Intro to Ikebana

with Brooke Pohl

March 2nd

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  • $55.00 Program Price
Room: Multi-purpose Room

Intro to Ikebana

Join your heart and mind with nature

Ikebana, an ancient Japanese art form, combines the products of nature with one's creativity to open a path of self-discovery.  This mindfulness practice can reflect one's state of mind and affect one's awareness and perceptions of self and surroundings. 

  • $55 includes flowers
  • Pre-registration is required
  • Bring a low flat container (a cake pan works), kenzan (flower pin frog), and flower cutters. These will also be available for sale.
  • 1pm to 4pm at the Shambhala Center, 305 W. Maxwell

For more information contact Brooke Pohl at 859-948-2342