Don Season Retreat

with Mary Sehlinger

February 5th—February 14th (2018)

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    Room: Off site

    Dark Season Retreat

    Location: 523 W 3rd St

    Open to Everyone. Meditation instruction available.


    Mon 2/5: 6 to 9 pm

    Tues 2/6: 6 to 9 pm

    Wed 2/7: 6 to 9 pm

    Thur 2/8: 6 to 9 pm

    Fri 2/9:       6 to 9 pm

    Sat 2/10: 9am to 6pm - please bring your lunch and a snack to share at tea time

    Sun 2/11: 9am to 6pm - please bring your lunch and a snack to share at tea time

    Mon 2/12: 6pm to 9pm

    Tues 2/13: 6pm to 9pm

    Wed 2/14: 6pm to 9pm

    February 16, 2018 is the beginning of a new Tibetan (lunar) year, the year of the Earth Dog. It is said that the last days at the end of the Tibetan year are marked by a propensity to lose one’s mindfulness, and as a result we can have accidents and mishaps. The period preceding Shambhala Day is referred to in our sangha as the “dön season,” because such sudden losses of mindfulness can be more common – and is a time during which it’s recommended that we keep life simple, be very mindful and practice as much as possible.

     In particular, we are encouraged to recite a chant called “Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos” together in order to purify the karmic causes of personal, social, and environmental chaos that accumulates at year’s end. By reciting the chant, we tune into the protector principle of awareness and reconnect with sacred outlook.

    Each day will include a short talk on various themes related to this time of year along with meditation and chant recitation. This practice is open to all. While there is no charge for these evenings, a donation basket will be passed: generosity is a very powerful way to clear away negativity! You are welcome to come for any or all of the evenings.

    For more information, contact Mary Sehlinger at 205-910-1927.